MHL Flood (and Coastal) Intelligence Tool


MHL's Flood and Coastal Intelligence Tool (MHLFIT) comprises a suite of applications and services which aim to provide users with real-time data, visualisation and predictive decision support mechanisms to aid in flood emergency management throughout NSW.

The MHLFIT system is designed around a framework which targets the rapid development and deployment of customised real-time tools which focus on:

  • Flooding
  • Waves
  • Tides
  • Coastal lagoon entrance behaviour
  • Water quality
  • Erosion
  • Wind (and wind driven waves)
  • Other environmental factors relating to water

See the Tools page for a more detailed description of MHLFIT's features.

The system is underpinned by MHL's state-of-the-art high availability database (ORRCA) capable of integrating data from many different sources, telemetry systems and formats in a robust and reliable manner. ORRCA is built using cloud architecture and utilises dynamic load balancing to ensure continual operation and accessibility even during peak traffic conditions. The system additionally has full fail-over redundancy using back up servers in multiple regions, ensuring that data is never lost.

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About MHL

Since the 1970s, NSW Government's Manly Hydraulics Laboratory (MHL) has collected, stored and hosted data across NSW's eastern flowing streams, estuaries and coastal waters. This work continues under contract with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. (OEH). MHL's experienced hydrographers operate one of the world's most comprehensive coastal and environmental data collection networks on behalf of NSW Government, hosting over 16,000 station years of continuous data extending from the 1980s.

Supporting this work, MHL's professional engineers and scientists have aided other Local, State and Federal Governmental agencies in an advisory role and as part of a NSW hub of excellence in environmental monitoring and modelling.

In recent years MHL has used its 40+ years of experience in data services and engineering to expand its capabilities into the cloud and now provides a rich suite of publicly available tools as well as specialised web portals and modelling capability for its clients. For further information or inquiries, please contact us via phone, email, or the web.